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Trainings, workshops and coaching cannot be implemented successfully digitally? Yes, they can!

„My trainings are about personality development and they rely on the exchange between the participants. That doesn’t work online, so I won’t offer them until face-to-face sessions are allowed again.“

„For my coaching sessions, a trusting relationship with the coachee is essential. I can’t build that virtually.“

I hear statements like that all the time. Due to my experience as a facilitator, trainer and coach – both offline and online – my clear answer is: Yes, it is possible!

A question of attitude

In order to conduct trainings, workshops or coachings online, two attitude factors are particularly important in the first step:

1. free yourself from the implicit requirement to „copy“ the face-to-face event into the virtual. In this case the online version can almost only lose. Instead of desperately trying to reproduce a method online as exactly as you would have done it offline, first take a step back: What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? And then ask yourself how you can implement this online.

2. free yourself from blocking beliefs such as „Technology is not my thing“ or „Everything technical is so complicated“. There are many online tools that are very intuitive to use, and providers usually offer detailed training material. In most cases, a free basic account is sufficient to try out whether you can get along with the tool.

Which tool for which purpose? 

Often there are not many special tools needed. Just the combination of a video conferencing tool with functions such as chat or whiteboard and PowerPoint, for example, will get you quite far. In PowerPoint, for example, you can prepare scaling questions or positioning lines which you can then display during the online session using the screen-sharing function.

To enable small group work and more intensive exchange among the participants, the function of the so-called breakout rooms is very helpful. This is offered by providers like Zoom, Adobe Connect or BlueJeans.

In addition, there are many providers who offer whiteboards on which several people can work together simultaneously. In this way, ideas can be collected and prioritized, topics or processes can be visualized, concepts can be developed together and much more. Examples are Padlet, Miro, Conceptboard, Mural or Stormboard. Each of the tools is characterized by special functions – but the basic idea is always similar. And no matter which of these whiteboards you use: Think about what you want to use it for in advance and prepare it accordingly, just like you usually prepare flipcharts and metaplan walls. Also allow enough time for your participants to familiarize themselves with the necessary functions.

Just give it a try!

The best way to learn how to use online tools is to try them out yourself. Create a free trial account and test the various functions at your own pace. Functions such as screen sharing or breakout rooms are best tried out in a „protected“ environment, for example with other trainers or coaches.

You want more?

Would you like more input, support or simply practice? Then have a look at my offers like trainings or practice sessions. If you like, let us work out your concepts for the online implementation together.


This training is designed especially for facilitators, trainers, coaches and who have not yet conducted sessions in virtual space. You learn all the important basics such as how to use the online meeting tool Zoom and many practical steps for moderating great interactive online sessions in the future – for example, learning goal inquiry, activation of participants or integration of surveys. The training itself is interactive and tailored to the needs of the participants.


Try out functions you would like to use in your next training, coaching or workshop in a safe space with other facilitators, trainers and coaches and receive valuable feedback directly. You will also be inspired by the exchange and what the others try out.

Pick My Brain: Would you like to discuss individual ideas for the implementation of your concept as an online session or your concept? Just drop an e-mail at

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